Welcome to is an IT Services company based in Cleveland, Ohio and Manhattan, NYC. We provide design, application programming, IT support, and hosting solutions. Our success is driven by our dedication to high quality, affordable IT services. We achieve this by employing experienced consultants within our virtual office. We use the Agile development methodology to ensure project execution meets our customers' time and quality expectations.

What is Agile?

Agile is a method of executing projects, specifically IT development projects, that has been recognized for its ability to deliver high quality products, within budget, on time. The process is iterative:

  1. The customer and work together to define high-level project requirements
  2. We pick the most important features that can be delivered in 4-6 weeks or less and define that as a "release"
  3. For just those features, we take the high-level requirements and break them down to a detail level (tasks with hours associated)
  4. From the detail level, we set expectations, time lines, and align resources to complete goals over 1-3 two-week "iterations"
  5. We design, develop, test, and document only the features we are focusing on for each iteration in the "release"
  6. You can view our progress in real time and gauge our "velocity", enabling you to make informed project decisions
  7. We complete the release, deliver you a working product, and prepare for the next feature release (step 2) until the project is complete.

Wikipedia has an article explaining more about Agile Development Methodology.

Once you've tried managing a project with Agile, you'll never go back! The idea is that every release delivers our customers a set of working, completed features, and a refined plan that we continually improve as progress is made, priorities change, or new ideas invoke our collective creative spirit and we add or modify features.'s Featured Client has been engaged by famous card-throwing magician, Rick Smith, Jr, for over 10 years. We have produced the last 3 versions of the website, with each new version building upon the previous, incorporating the latest technology, and producing more sales leads. Visit our portfolio to learn more about how was able to meet Rick's needs and exceed his expectations.

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